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Nothing affects energy loss in your home quite like windows. Winter heat and summer cooling is lost more through poor windows than any other feature in your home. Fortunately, windows are one area where new technology has made a world of difference. New window glazing techniques can often result in more energy efficient windows for […]

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Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a factor critical to the comfort of your home, yet so few people pay attention to it. In warm weather excess heat found in your attic may lead to deterioration of wood supports due to condensation occurring as a result of inadequate ventilation. In cold weather, moisture laden air may move from […]

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Home Renovations to Increase Real Estate Value

It’s common for homeowners to begin a remodeling job expecting to receive a return in excess of the cost of the remodel. Most homeowners view remodeling as an “improvement”, but the reality is that such projects often only bring the home up to current standards. It’s important to go into a remodeling project with realistic […]

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